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static void generateTypes ( const class Net net,
class StringBuffer out,
FILE *  file 
) [static]

Generate code for data type definitions

net the net for which to generate
out the output buffer
file the output file

Definition at line 174 of file Compilation.C.

References Net::begin(), StringBuffer::create(), Net::end(), Net::getChild(), StringBuffer::getLength(), Net::getNumChildren(), and StringBuffer::getString().

Referenced by generate().

  for (unsigned i = 0; i < net.getNumChildren (); i++)
    generateTypes (net.getChild (i), out, file);
  for (Net::TypeList::const_iterator t = net.begin ();
       t != net.end (); t++) {
    (*t)->compile (out);
    fwrite (out.getString (), 1, out.getLength (), file);
    out.create (0);

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