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CExpression Class Reference

#include <CExpression.h>

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Detailed Description

Auxiliary structure for compiling an expression

Definition at line 37 of file CExpression.h.

Public Member Functions

 CExpression (class StringBuffer &decl, const class Net &net, const class Transition *transition)
void compileCleanup (unsigned indent)
void compileError (unsigned indent, enum Error error)
void generate ()
unsigned getCheckpoint (bool *&variables) const
bool getConverted (const class Expression &expr, char *&name)
const char * getFlag ()
char * getIterator (const class VariableDefinition &var)
char * getLabel ()
const char * getMultiset () const
class StringBuffergetOut ()
const char * getTmpFlag ()
const char * getValuation () const
const char * getVarCount ()
bool getVariable (const class Constant &c, char *&name)
bool getVariable (const class Expression &expr, char *&name)
const char * getVarTmpCount ()
char * isIterator (const class VariableDefinition &var) const
void recycle (const class Expression &expr1, const class Expression &expr2)
void setCheckpoint (unsigned indent, const bool *variables, unsigned number, bool clear=true)
void setFatalError (const char *fatalError)
void setMultiset (const char *mset)
void setValuation (const char *valuation)
 ~CExpression ()

Private Member Functions

 CExpression (const class CExpression &old)
class CExpressionoperator= (const class CExpression &old)

Private Attributes

class StringBuffermyDecl
const char * myFatalError
bool myFlag
unsigned * myFlags
class VariableDefinition ** myIterators
const char * myMultiset
class NetmyNet
unsigned myNumIterators
unsigned myNumLabels
unsigned myNumVariables
class StringBuffer myOut
bool myTmpFlag
class TransitionmyTransition
const char * myValuation
bool myVarCount
class Expression ** myVariables
bool myVarTmpCount

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