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Place Class Reference

#include <Place.h>

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Detailed Description

Place class

Definition at line 36 of file Place.h.

Public Member Functions

void display (const class Printer &printer) const
void flagVisible ()
class ConstraintgetCapacity () const
unsigned getCapacityBits () const
unsigned getIndex () const
class MarkinggetInitMarking () const
card_t getMaxNumTokens () const
const char * getName () const
class NetgetNet () const
class TypegetType () const
bool isConstant () const
bool isImplicit () const
bool isNonempty () const
bool isSuppressed () const
bool isVisible () const
void setConstant (bool constant)
void setInitMarking (class Marking &initMarking)
void setSuppressed (bool suppressed) const
 ~Place ()

Protected Member Functions

 Place (const class Net &net, unsigned i, char *name, class Constraint *capacity, const class Type &type)

Private Member Functions

class Placeoperator= (const class Place &old)
 Place (const class Place &old)

Private Attributes

class ConstraintmyCapacity
unsigned myCapacityBits
const unsigned myIndex
class MarkingmyInitMarking
bool myIsConstant
bool myIsImplicit
bool myIsNonempty
bool myIsSuppressed
bool myIsVisible
card_t myMaxNumTokens
char * myName
class NetmyNet
class TypemyType


class Net

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