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Transition Class Reference

#include <Transition.h>

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Detailed Description

Transition class

Definition at line 42 of file Transition.h.

Public Types

typedef VariableMap::const_iterator const_iterator
typedef std::map< const char
*, class Function *, struct
typedef slist< class Expression * > GateList
typedef VariableMap::iterator iterator
enum  Kind { tNormal = 0, tUndefined, tFatal }
enum  Unif { uNormal = 0, uIgnore, uRemove }
typedef std::map< const char
*, class VariableDefinition
*, struct ltstr

Public Member Functions

void addArc (class Arc &arc)
void addChild (class Transition &child)
bool addConstant (char *name, class Constant &constant)
unsigned addEnabledness (class Expression &qualifier, unsigned id)
unsigned addFairness (class Expression &qualifier, unsigned id, bool isStrong)
void addFunction (class Function &function)
void addGate (class Expression &gate)
void addHide (class Expression &qualifier)
class VariableDefinitionaddOutputVariable (const class Type &type, char *name, class Expression *expr)
class VariableDefinitionaddVariable (char *name, const class Type &type, bool aggregate, bool hidden)
void analyze (class GlobalMarking &m, class StateReporter &reporter) const
void changeParent (const class Transition &old, const class Transition &fused)
bool checkGates (const class Valuation &valuation, enum Error err=errVar) const
void computeStronglyFair (const class Valuation &valuation, unsigned *sets) const
void computeWeaklyFair (const class Valuation &valuation, unsigned *sets) const
void display (const class Printer &printer) const
void displayEdge (const class Valuation &valuation, const class GlobalMarking &marking, const class Printer &printer) const
bool fuse (const class Transition &callee, const class Printer &printer, bool warn)
class ArcgetArc (bool output, const class Place &place)
class TransitiongetChild (unsigned i) const
class ConstantgetConstant (unsigned i) const
class ConstantgetConstant (const char *name) const
const char * getConstantName (unsigned i) const
class FunctiongetFunction (const char *name)
class ArcgetInput (unsigned i) const
enum Kind getKind () const
unsigned getLocalIndex () const
const char * getName () const
class NetgetNet () const
unsigned getNumChildren () const
unsigned getNumConstants () const
unsigned getNumEnabled () const
unsigned getNumInputs () const
unsigned getNumOutputs () const
unsigned getNumParents () const
unsigned getNumStronglyFair () const
unsigned getNumWeaklyFair () const
class ArcgetOutput (unsigned i) const
class QuantifierListgetOutputVariables () const
class TransitiongetParent (unsigned i) const
unsigned getPriority () const
unsigned getRootIndex () const
class VariableDefinitiongetVariable (const char *name) const
bool hasChild (const class Transition &child) const
bool hasInputs () const
bool hasOutputs () const
bool hasParent (const class Transition &parent) const
bool isGate (const class VariableDefinition *variable) const
bool isHidden (const class Valuation &valuation) const
bool isInput (const class VariableDefinition *variable) const
bool isOutput (const class VariableDefinition *variable) const
bool isUnifiable (enum Unif action, const class Printer &printer)
void logEnabled (const class Valuation &valuation, char *log) const
void report (const class Valuation &valuation, const class GlobalMarking &marking, const char *reason, const class Place *place, const class Printer &printer) const
void setAssertion (bool fatal)
void setPriority (unsigned priority)
void setRootIndex (unsigned root)
 Transition (class Net &net, unsigned i, char *name)
 Transition ()
void unfold (class LNet &lnet, class DummyReporter &reporter) const
void unfold (class GlobalMarking &cover, class LNet &lnet, class DummyReporter &reporter) const
 ~Transition ()
Accessors to the variable map

iterator begin ()
const_iterator begin () const
iterator end ()
const_iterator end () const
size_t size () const
Accessors to the gate expression list

GateList::const_iterator beginG () const
GateList::const_iterator endG () const

Private Member Functions

class Transitionoperator= (const class Transition &old)
 Transition (const class Transition &old)

Private Attributes

class Transition ** myChildren
char ** myConstantNames
class Constant ** myConstants
class Expression ** myEnabledCond
unsigned * myEnabledSet
FunctionMap myFunctions
GateList myGates
class ExpressionmyHide
class Arc ** myInputs
enum Kind myKind
unsigned myLocalIndex
char * myName
class NetmyNet
unsigned myNumChildren
unsigned myNumConstants
unsigned myNumEnabled
unsigned myNumInputs
unsigned myNumOutputs
unsigned myNumParents
unsigned myNumStronglyFair
unsigned myNumWeaklyFair
bool myOutputMarking
class Arc ** myOutputs
class QuantifierListmyOutputVariables
class Transition ** myParents
unsigned myPriority
unsigned myRootIndex
class Expression ** myStronglyFairCond
unsigned * myStronglyFairSet
struct unifmyUnif
VariableMap myVariables
class Expression ** myWeaklyFairCond
unsigned * myWeaklyFairSet

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